Kamala Harris Grilled for Open Border Chaos


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Vice President Kamala Harris was left amazed after a student blasted her on the Biden administration’s reckless border crisis.

Harris attended a “Fight for Our Freedoms” event at Northern Arizona University, during which Jonathan Otero, a student, pressed the vice president with tough questions. 

“I was studying a little bit of films of a couple of the campuses that you’ve visited, and one thing that stayed consistent was to ‘never silence our voices.’ I want you as well to honor that today,” Otero said.

“This administration has continued to deport children and their families while simultaneously building a wall,” Otero said, before voicing support for Palestinians. “Children continue to die at the wall because of this country’s inhumane policies, much like the crimes committed, and funded, against those in Palestine.”

A livestream of the event depicts students loudly cheering, before Harris claimed that her government has sought to pass legislation giving a pathway for citizenship for illegal aliens.

“I am the child of a mother who came to the United States by herself when she was 19 years old and I sit here as vice president of the United States. I’m acutely aware of the connection between immigrants and who we are as a country,” Harris claimed. 

“When Joe Biden and I came into office, the first piece of legislation, I think it was the day after our inauguration, that we proposed was pathway to citizenship. And Republicans in Congress have purposely not picked it up.” 

When addressing the Hamas question, Harris claimed that there was a distinction between the terrorist group and Palestinians. 

“I believe that Israelis and Palestinians both deserve peace, deserve self-determination, and deserve safety. I am deeply, deeply affected, as I think we all are, by what we have seen in terms of the loss of life and the violence that has occurred when, first of all, a terrorist organization, Hamas, struck Israel in the way that it did,” she said. 

“I think it is important to recognize also the distinction between a terrorist organization, Hamas, and the Palestinian people and civilians, and they should not be conflated.”