Joe Biden Takes 418th Vacation


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) On Dec. 27, 2023, Joe Biden took another vacation day to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands for New Year, marking it his 418th since he stepped into the Oval Office.

The Republican National Committee’s Vacation Tracker reported the same day that Biden already spent 39% of his presidency on vacation, which is 353 days, the Daily Fetched reported.

Biden flew to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands with several family members, according to Breitbart. However, the White House refused to say how many members would join him and his wife, Jill.

The corrupt family will spend one week far away from Americans and their struggles at a beachfront home that is owned by Democrat donors before returning to Washington D.C. on Jan. 2, 2024.

“The Bidens have stayed there in the past as guests, but the White House declined to say whether they will pay their own way this time,” the New York Times reported.

Breitbart also wrote that, in August 2022, Biden spent a record 150 days of his presidency on vacation at his home in Delaware in the 18 months since he stepped into the Oval Office.

The news source also wrote that in 2021, he was ensconced at Camp David as the world watched Kabul, Afghanistan, fall to the Taliban amid the mass evacuations.

Unlike Biden, Donald Trump spent only 132 days away from the White House at his own properties, either at Mar-a-Lago in the winter or Bedminster, N.J., throughout his entire four years of presidency.

The White House staffers tried to defend Biden’s constant vacations by saying that his not being in the White House doesn’t mean that he isn’t working.

“One would hope that President Biden is working when he is on ‘vacation’ in Delaware, [but] the unwillingness of the White House to disclose his official visitors at Delaware suggests that there is something to hide — including that Biden is completely checked out from his job when away from the White House,” Tom Fitton, president of conservative transparency group Judicial Watch, said.