Jill Biden Sickeningly Invited Baby Killing Texas Woman To State Of The Union


First Lady Jill Biden has extended an invitation to Kate Cox, the Texas woman who pursued legal action against the state to terminate her disabled preborn baby closer to home, to attend the State of the Union address as her guest in March. Cox has accepted this invitation.

Initially, Cox was willing to face potential risks associated with her pregnancy for a baby presumed to be healthy. However, upon receiving a diagnosis of Trisomy 18, she claimed she needed an abortion to safeguard her health. Despite recent evidence challenging the notion that children with Trisomy 18 are “incompatible with life,” Cox sought a D&E abortion to dismember the baby limb from limb, arguing that this was preferable to the child being born alive and cared for.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre incorrectly stated in a recent press briefing that Cox’s life was threatened by a nonviable pregnancy. In reality, if Cox’s life had genuinely been in jeopardy, she could have legally obtained an abortion in Texas. Instead, she lost her case and traveled to New Mexico, where she had the abortion. Texas law protects the majority of preborn children from abortion, with an exception allowing for intentional killing in the womb if the mother’s life is at risk, though this is not truly medically necessary.

Last year, President Biden invited Amanda Zurawski, who claimed she had been denied a medically necessary abortion, to the State of the Union. However, Zurawski experienced preterm labor due to an incompetent cervix, and abortion is not a recommended treatment for this condition. Zurawski eventually delivered her premature baby, who did not survive. While there were shortcomings in the medical care provided to Zurawski, preterm delivery in such an emergency is not considered an induced abortion and is not restricted by pro-life laws.

Notably absent from the State of the Union guest list are women who chose life for their babies with Trisomy 18, such as Elisabeth Scott, who ensured proper medical care for herself and her daughter Brianna, now four years old.

Other mothers who rejected abortion after a Trisomy 18 diagnosis include Jennifer Thenhaus, mom to 10-year-old Melody; Jessica Morales, mom to three-year-old Andrew; Jessie, mom of Abel, who lived for a few months; Karen Santorum, mom to 15-year-old Bella; and Jesi Smith, mom to 15-year-old Faith.

Families of children with Trisomy 18 expressed outrage over the media’s coverage of Cox’s story, emphasizing the value and purpose of their children’s lives. Despite these voices, the State of the Union is likely to highlight and applaud the intentional death of a child under the guise of the “right” to abortion, disregarding the dignity of preborn children.