Illegals Explain Difference Between N.Y. and Fla. to Stunned CNN Reporter


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A CNN segment has gone viral on Twitter as a legal analyst unveiled the trend of undocumented individuals committing crimes in Florida and then retreating to New York, seizing on the lenient policies of the Democratic-governed state.

As reported by the Daily Caller, the Friday conversation between CNN anchor Erica Hill and CNN Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence analyst John Miller revolved around a shocking video capturing five illegal individuals brutally assaulting two NYPD cops

Despite the apprehension of the alleged perpetrators, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg released them without bail. Reacting to the release, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul emphatically declared: “Get them all and send them back.”

During the CNN This Morning segment, Hill reacted to Hochul’s remarks, saying, “To hear her talk about that—it is also directly related to the fact that these were police officers. Does that have any impact? Does that change anything?”

In response, Miller asserted, “These are people who came in waves, you know, 170,000 probably to New York City. But within that group, this hard-working, throngs of people in search of hope and a better life, there is this one percent, criminal element that looks at a different opportunity here.”

Miller told Hill that he reviewed the past criminal records of the individuals who attacked the cops. 

“These individuals, I went over their rap sheets yesterday: multiple charges; grand larceny, robbery, attempted robbery, grand larceny, grand larceny,” he said. “This particular crew operated on mopeds and scooters. They were doing organized retail theft. They were doing snatches on the street, iPhones, iPads, clothing, so on and so forth.”

Miller highlighted that one individual faced 10 charges in a single day. The other individuals likely began having run-ins with law enforcement almost immediately upon arriving in the U.S. 

“So what the detectives are telling me is, they have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and then come back. I’m like, ‘Why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?’ They said, ‘Because there you go to jail,’” Miller added. 

A visibly stunned Hill responded with a simple, “Oh.”