Illegal Alien Unveils ‘Much Bigger’ Network of NYC Moped Gang


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The accused leader of a moped gang of illegal aliens committing rampant crimes in New York City revealed that the crew is “much bigger than” him, the New York Post reported.

Venezuela-native Franco Alexander Peraza Navas, currently in NYPD custody, told investigators that he never expected to be captured and hinted at a potentially widespread web of individuals.

“It’s much bigger than me,” Peraza Navas allegedly revealed in statements to the NYPD. “In a million years, I never thought you’d catch me. I’ve been going to Miami every three weeks. And it’s much bigger than me.”

Law enforcement sources linked the illegal alien to alleged robberies rocking New York City, Yonkers (Upstate, New York), New Jersey and Florida. Peraza Navas is also associated with a gun purchased illegally during a Dec. 9 armed heist in Florida, as reported by the NY Post

Strikingly, Peraza Navas and his accomplices allegedly used the same gun just days prior—on Nov. 22—for a robbery at a jewelry store in Manhattan. 

If those alleged incidents weren’t enough, Peraza Navas, along with other accomplices, is linked to other purported crimes, including a Nov. 18 Bronx shootout, a Bergen County (New Jersey) robbery and a Dec. 17 shoplifting at a Macy’s store.

A police source described Peraza Navas as being “nasty as they come.” 

This revelation comes less than a week after NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell appeared to call out the role of Venezuelan nationals, attributing to the uptick in crimes in the city.

“There’s some Venezuelan groups, groups of migrants—I say some, not all—that are affecting crime on our city more so now than when they first got here,” Chell said at a press conference regarding an unrelated alleged attempted murder incident by 15-year-old Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, also a Venezuelan national. 

According to the NYPD, Rivas-Figueroa was caught shoplifting at JD Sports in Times Square, Manhattan before taking a gun and shooting a nearby Brazilian tourist. He fled the scene and fired his gun again at officers chasing him down a train station. 

Just a week earlier, several Venezuelan nationals were caught on footage reportedly brutally beating two NYPD cops who were responding to a disturbance complaint, also in Times Square. Seven individuals were indicted because of the beating.  

Notably, Times Square, known for its tourist attractions and lavish hotels, has been plagued by illegal aliens residing in taxpayer-funded hotels.