‘I Was Shocked’: Copycat Biden Rocked by New Allegations of Plagiarism


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Explosive allegations of plagiarism have emerged against President Joe Biden, dating back over two decades, when Biden served as a U.S. senator. 

Roger Severino, a Harvard Law School alumnus and vice president of the Heritage Foundation, made these stunning claims in an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters, detailing that Biden ripped off text from a federal court case.

“Words like ‘herald of a new era’ tipped me off,” Severino told Watters. “Like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’ve heard this before.’”

Severino initially took to Twitter to make the allegations. He explained, “My first assignment as a junior editor at the Harvard Journal on Legislation (1999-2000) was to cite check an article submitted by one Sen. Joseph R. Biden. I was shocked by the plagiarism I discovered.”

The crux of Severino’s allegations centers on Biden’s failure to attribute federal Judge Diana Gribbon Motz’s dissenting opinion in the Brzonkala v. Virginia Polytechnic Institute case properly.

Severino stated, “That’s when I noticed that a certain turn of phrase in an opinion sounded oddly familiar even though it was my time reading it. So I turned back to Biden’s article, and there it was… He had lifted language straight out of a SCOTUS opinion, changed a couple words, and called them his own. There were no quote marks and no footnote or anything else attributing the court as the source.”

More troublingly, Severino revealed that this apparent plagiarism had been concealed by subsequent edits. As Severino put it, “They ‘fixed’ the plagiarism by adding proper attributions, and acted like the whole incident never happened.”

The timing of Severino’s disclosure, 23 years after the fact, prompted host Waters to ask Severino about his motives. However, Severino defended his decision by pointing to Biden’s long history of plagiarism and embellishments, asserting that the American people deserve to know the truth.

“The problem is he’s been doing this for decades, and the American people have to know,” Severino added. “He never owned up to his plagiarism scandals and his constant embellishments.” 

This isn’t the first time Biden’s name has been associated with plagiarism.

According to the New York Post, in 1965, Biden admitted to copying five pages from a law review article without proper attribution, stating, “My intent was not to deceive anyone.” However, this earlier scandal, resurfaced by the New York Times in 1987, sank Biden’s first presidential campaign.