Hunter Signed Letter to Ukraine Prosecutor to Drop Probe of Burisma


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A newly disclosed letter has exposed Hunter Biden’s direct involvement in pressuring a Ukrainian prosecutor to drop the criminal investigation into Burisma, the infamous gas company he worked for. 

The letter, first released by the House Ways and Means Committee and co-signed by Alan Apter and Aleksander Kwasniewski, both executives at Burisma, was addressed to the prosecutor who replaced Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor who had initiated the investigation into the gas company.

The two-page letter contained a firm demand for the termination of the probe against Burisma. “Moreover it is imperative that allegations of criminal activity made to the media about Burisma and/or Nikolay Zlochevsky come to an end,” the letter stated, highlighting the urgency of their demands.  

“While Burisma will cooperate in the investigation we as Members of the Board of Directors will not be silent in the face of condemnations of Burisma – a company that has not been proven to be engaged in illegal actions,” the document continued. 

Notably, the letter also included a veiled threat, stating, “We, as advisories and fiduciaries, respectfully request that during the term of your investigation that you refrain from any further allegations that the energy sales and services Burisma’s provides to Ukrainian businesses as well as others not be impede in any way.” 

This revelation comes at a critical point in the impeachment inquiry against Biden, who is facing allegations of bribery and corruption. Specifically, the Republican-led inquiry was triggered by accusations that Biden received bribes from Burisma in exchange for using his political influence to shield Burisma from the criminal investigation, as detailed in an FBI informant file.

The letter’s emergence could further fuel speculation surrounding Biden’s role in pressuring then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to remove former Shokin, who had initiated the investigation into Burisma.

Democrats argue that the newly released Hunter letter shows that Shokin’s ousting was not related to Burisma, as the new prosecutor launched a probe against the company. 

In addition to the bombshell letter, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo., also released over 700 pages of documents related to the criminal investigation against Hunter by the IRS. 

Whistleblowers who participated in the probe alleged that they were barred from further investigating Hunter’s foreign business dealings and other Biden relatives. These whistleblowers subsequently turned to the Ways and Means Committee with their allegations.