House Dems Say They ‘Fear’ Donald Trump


House Dems Say They ‘Fear’ Donald Trump – Turns Out They Missed 1 Hilarious Fact

Democrats continue to show a shocking level of hatred toward former President Donald Trump. They have done the unprecedented, in throwing indictments and civil trials—just as he began his presidential campaign.

It’s clear they fear Trump returning to the White House, upending their plans to advance woke, socialist policies.

A group of Democrats, who ran the January 6 Committee, recently talked about the possibility of a second Trump administration. These liberals made a claim that will have many Americans’ stomachs turning. Yet while these Democrats wax on and on about Trump, they are ignoring one major hypocritical fact.

From Breitbart:
House Democrats who led an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s role in the January 6 Capitol riot say they are worried about their safety and being arrested if the former president wins reelection…

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who has consistently fundraised off all Democrat investigations and impeachments of Trump, told the network, “My wife and I have had conversations about what life would look like if the worst happened… . You can’t avoid the conversations about ‘What if?’ And I have to think about my own personal safety.”

Democrats who ran the January 6 Committee are now saying they fear for their safety, should Donald Trump win reelection. Rep. Adam Schiff, who has a record of lying about the former president, claimed he had “conversations” about his wife over what would happen if Trump came after him.

Keep in mind, not once has Trump used his power to prosecute, indict, or jail his enemies. While in office, Trump tried to cooperate with Democrats on many issues. Democrats, in turn, refused to work with him.

There is no basis for these Democrats to fear being jailed by Trump, should he return to office.

The great irony is that these Democrats are accusing Trump of the very thing they are doing to him. Democrats have launched multiple trials against Trump, across four states. They are literally trying to jail him because he is their political enemy.

Yet they have the audacity to accuse him of maybe doing that to them if he is reelected?

Does anyone have a shovel to clean up this bull crap?

Key Takeaways:

  • House Democrats claim they fear Trump going after them if he is reelected.
  • These are the same Democrats who support the many Democrat-led trials seeking to jail the former president.
  • These Democrats ran the January 6 Committee, which blamed Trump for inciting the Capitol Riot, without evidence.

Source: Breitbart


Mick Farthing

Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.

Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.