Hillary Clinton Continues Pushing 2016 Russia Hoax in Psaki Interview


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In an interview Sunday with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continued to press the Russia-collusion hoax in order to excuse her electoral failures, Red State reported.

Clinton’s brazen decision to double down on what amounted to a seditious coup attempt, concocted by members of her campaign in coordination with the FBI and the Obama administration, comes even as prosecutors contend that former President Donald Trump’s own legitimate efforts to challenge the 2020 election necessitate multiple criminal indictments.

Specifically, Clinton was responding to a statement from Trump that if he were reelected, he would be “very unlikely” to pardon himself.

“I don’t believe him on anything,” Clinton said in her appearance on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki. “Why would I start believing him on that?”

Clinton then psychoanalyzed the former president, noting that he is suspicious of others because he is worthy of suspicion himself.

“He engages in what psychologists call projection,” she noted, while likely projecting her own projection onto him.

“So whenever he accuses somebody else of doing something, it’s almost guaranteed he’s doing it himself or he’s already done it,” she claimed, while describing with absolute clarity a common phenomenon seen among Democrats.

Clinton, who recently announced a highly suspicious plan to collude with Ukraine—resurrecting for some conspiracy theories about the suspected pedophile ring being operated alongside her 2016 campaign—then pivoted from projection to deflection.

She accused Trump of continuing to collude with Russia, although no evidence has suggested anything of the kind.

“The Russians have proved themselves to be quite adept at interfering, and if he has a chance, he’ll do it again,” she claimed.

“I don’t think—despite all of the deniers—there’s any doubt that he interfered in our election,” she claimed, contrary to the conclusions of the two-year Mueller investigation, which found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

“Part of the reason he worked so hard against me is because he didn’t think that he wanted me in the White House,” she concluded, presumably in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the interview, Clinton also slammed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for pursuing an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden.

“There’s no there, there—and in fact, it seems they know there’s no there, there, and sadly, the speaker of the House is too weak to stand up against the most rabid, you know, walk of his members who don’t care what the truth or facts are,” Clinton falsely claimed, again disregarding offhandedly the considerable evidence already presented publicly that shows Biden lied to the public about his knowledge of his son’s foreign business deals and has continued to stonewall efforts to investigate them.

The impeachment inquiry was a Republican attempt to “grandstand and try to cause President Biden problems,” Clinton claimed.

“It’s not a real threat,” she added. “It’s a terrible bother, but more than that, it is a real confession by the Republican Party—they have no agenda, they have no interest in trying to bring people together to solve problems.”

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.