Hamas-Supporting DHS Agent Is Still Employed, Mayorkas Admits


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas admitted to Congress on Apr. 10, 2024, that an employee who was exposed as a Hamas supporter remains on the DHS payroll.

Nejwa Ali was placed on leave after it was revealed that she was celebrating the Hamas’s attack on Israel on social media, according to the Daily Wire.

“[The] individual is on administrative leave, not performing the duties and responsibilities for which she was hired,” Mayorkas said, adding that “the investigation is ongoing” and that he “cannot speak any further about it because it is an ongoing personnel matter.”

Ali was a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) who was hired by the DHS after the PLO was banned from Washington D.C.

Her job was to vet people who claimed to qualify for asylum, review evidence to “determine fraud of security concerns” and “perform credible fear interviews” that determine whether the person was fleeing persecution or lying to get into the country.

She was constantly posting on various social media platforms almost only about Israel, with her bio saying she is “Palestinian @ heart,” the news source said. Ali also shared an image glorifying the Hamas hang-gliders parachuting into a music concert with guns.

“F*** Israel and any Jew that supports Israel,” she wrote in one of her previous comments.

During her paid administrative leave, Ali was protesting in front of the Israel embassy during work hours and to dox military members there.

Additionally, she gloated on LinkedIn about Mayorkas’ refusal to fire her.

“Yes, please do!” she wrote in response to one of the comments regarding the U.S. government employing a terrorist sympathizer.

The Daily Wire also contacted Ali to ask about her initial posts, with Ali responding by doubling down on her pro-Hamas rhetoric.

“I abso-f—ing-lutely celebrate them, a–hole, f— you!” she said.