HA! A CNN Hack Just Admitted His Days May Be Numbered!

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For years now, CNN has been a laughing stock and that is hopefully about to change.

Well, it will if the new “Discovery” owners have anything to say about it.

The new owners of the flatlining network are hoping to revive CNN back to its former glory days when people actually took it seriously.


In those days, the reporters of the network reported the news as it was and did not add their progressive ideology to the mix, nor did they bash a sitting president calling him racist all day.

As of right now, Jeff Zucker, Chris Cuomo already are gone and many people are speculating that Don Lemon will be the next to receive his walking papers.

However, there are those who think little Brian Stelter will be the next to get the “heave-ho” and let’s be real, that would be fantastic too.

A new report claims Brian is now seeing the writing on the wall, and he’s telling friends he will be the next to go.

It started with a couple of tweets from Mediaite reporter Jon Nicosia who said this: “Understand that the ‘Media Reporters’ at CNN. Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy were Zucker’s hitmen and cleanup crew.”

It would make sense that Discovery would like to start fresh.


Then there was this tweet that really has tongues wagging.

Discovery leaked the name of the new CNN head to an ex-CNN reporter and not current media reporters says all you need to know.

If that wasn’t bad enough, reporter Arthur Schwartz said this: “Fantastic news: Brian Stelter, who spent most of the last half-decade trying to cost other people their jobs, has told several people that he thinks he’s going to lose his job at CNN. Where else could he go? Who on earth would ever put that guy on TV again?”

There was a rumor floating around that Brian would be moving to CNN+ -their new online streaming service, but that didn’t jive, since Stelter can’t pull in any viewers.


If the new owners of CNN really want to make changes, it would only make sense that they’d give Brian the boot.


Not only was he a Jeff Zucker stooge and fanboy, but the guy has no talent, no skills, and is nothing more than a punchline propaganda puppet.

So, when he does get his walking papers, I am not sure who would turn around and hire Brian.

I think his only hope would be if Jeff Zucker takes over another network and hires him. If not, I think Brian should probably #LearnToCode.


4 thoughts on “HA! A CNN Hack Just Admitted His Days May Be Numbered!

  1. The entire main stream press and it’s propensity to fabricate the news in support of the deep state agenda, rather than report the news, is not a new phenomena. It’s been the standard fare for over 70 years (I’ve personally watched it degrade over that period of time), just half truths and innuendo at first, but today has evolved into outright lying and nobody has done anything about it. But…there’s a sleeping giant in we freedom loving Americans, that has been aroused because he’s been poked too many times and is about to rectify this abuse of trust. The main stream press is finished and being replaced by hundreds, maybe thousands of independent sources. But, they could lie too, you say…no, no, and here’s why…they’re not owned by satanic globalists, they’re independent, plus the American people would smell out the liars with the same instincts that got rid of the first set of liars.

  2. He might and I say might be qualified to clean the men’s toilets @ CNN

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