GOP Rep. Santos Engaged in Profanity-Laden Tussle with Anti-Israel Heckler


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A fervent pro-Hamas protester aggressively confronted Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., today, demanding an end to the GOP’s support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas.  

The incident, which took place within the corridors of the Capitol, escalated into a heated exchange between Santos and the protester, identified as Shabd Singh, a self-proclaimed Jewish-American.

In response to the altercation, Santos vehemently expressed his disapproval of individuals sympathizing with terrorist organizations.

“The fact that we have terrorism sympathizers in this building is unacceptable. They should not be allowed in here. What is happening in Israel is abhorrent,” a visibly agitated Santos exclaimed. “That’s what it is. And the next time he tries to accost me with a child in my hand— I want him out of here!”

Santos’s disgust did not stop there. “He’s an animal!” Santos continued. “He is a f—ing terrorist sympathizer.”

Despite not delving into specific details, he adamantly expressed his disgust for Hamas. “The gentleman back there is a terrorist sympathizer that has no business in this building,” Santos stated. “What is happening in Israel is abhorrent. What is happening to the people of Israel should not be defended.” 

Singh, the individual in question, provided his account of the altercation and downplayed Santos’s allegations.  

“He accused me of being in his personal space, so I took a step back, He was holding a child in his arms and saying that it was inappropriate of me to ask him questions in that scenario. I continued to ask him those questions. He refused to respond,” Singh recounted.

Singh claimed he was pressing former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., before he ran into Santos. 

“He then found me here in this hallway and accosted me and began yelling at me, essentially framing what I am saying as some sort of anti-Semitic trope,” he added.