Feminist Org: Banning Trannies in Women’s Sports Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’


The National Organization for Women, a purported women’s rights activist group dating back to the 1960s, opted instead to stand behind giving biological men an unfair advantage to compete against female counterparts, and claimed anything less was not only transphobic but sexist and racist.

“Repeat after us: Weaponizing womenhood against other women is white supremacist patriarchy at work,” NOW tweeted on Sunday as blasphemous leftists sought to supplant Easter with a “transgender day of visibility.”

“Making people believe there isn’t enough space for trans women in sports is white supremacist patriarchy at work,” the group added.

Critics point to studies showing men and even boys outperform the most athletic women on the field of play or when basic measures of performance are compared.

The current guidlines for defining transgender athletes do not exclude those who underwent pubery as males and developed male physiques that give them a distinct competitive advantage.

NOW’s post included a link to a March 15 Associated Press story about a lawsuit filed by more than a dozen college athletes against the National Collegiate Athletics Association for allowing transgender swimmer Lia (né William) Thomas to compete at the national championships in 2022.

One of the plaintiffs, former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, pointed out the confused group’s apparent cognitive dissonance in a tweet of her own and seemed to hint at the possibility of a defamation lawsuit over the baseless accusations of racism.

“I’ve never seen so many oppression buzzwords in one sentence,” Gaines tweeted.

“Apparently, advocating for fair sport makes me a white supremacist,” she continued. “I wonder if my attorney will agree (In case you were wondering, NOW stands for National Organization of Women lol).”

Gaines became an outspoken activist for protecting women’s sports after competing against Thomas at the nationals in 2022.

She is currently gearing up for the publication of her first, Swimming Against the Current: Fighting for Common Sense in a World That’s Lost Its Mind, which will be available in late May.