Federal Judge Blocks New Mexico’s Disturbing Gun Ban w/ Temporary Restraining Order


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A federal judge has temporarily blocked a stringent mandate in New Mexico that prohibited American citizens from carrying concealed and open firearms in public within the state’s largest metropolitan area.

The order, issued on Monday, puts a temporary halt to a contentious executive order issued by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham that drew bipartisan criticism from across the country. 

U.S. District Judge David Urias delivered a temporary rebuke to the order, stating, “They just want the right to carry their guns,” referring to the individuals who initiated the lawsuit against the executive order. 

Grisham had implemented this controversial order in response to an alleged increase in gun-related violence in the county. “I don’t blame her for wanting to take action in the face of terrible acts,” Uris added, acknowledging he faced a narrow question on the constitutional rights of New Mexicans.

Shortly after Grisham issued the order, critics mobilized with strong condemnation. Mayor Tim Keller and Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen were both prominent figures leading the opposition to the order. 

“The temporary ban challenges the foundations of our Constitution, but most importantly, it is unconstitutional,” Allen said during a press conference on Monday. “My oath was to protect the Constitution, and that is what I will do.” 

Grisham’s order mandated law enforcement to impose $5,000 fines on anyone who dared to oppose the executive order. 

The Firearms Policy Coalition initiated the lawsuit and hinted that Urias could issue a final ruling on Thursday, but the injunction went into effect immediately, according to the Washington Examiner. 

“We’re thrilled that the Court has ruled in our favor and upheld the Second Amendment, the U.S. Constitution, and Supreme Court precedent,” said Cody Wisniewski, a vice president of legal affairs at the FPC. 

In response to her loss, Grisham issued an unhinged statement, claiming, “I refuse to be resigned to the status quo” and hinting at future action. “I will never stop fighting to prevent other families from enduring these tragedies,” she added.