FBI Arrests Another Member of Satanic, Neo-Nazi Terrorist Cult


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) The Justice Department filed charges last week against another member of the Satanic neo-Nazi terrorist cult, the Order of the Nine Angles, or O9A—a group heavily infiltrated by the feds, and involved in several recent alleged terrorist plots, as well as the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right march-turned-riot.

According to the DOJ’s charging papers, the man arrested, Kalana Limkin, was also a member of the O9A offshoot group, 764, and he created yet another group called Cultist. As the leader of Cultist, Limkin allegedly promoted child pornography, child exploitation, sexual extortion, and trafficking, animal cruelty and self-harm of minors.

The details of Limkin’s alleged activities are horrendous. According to the DOJ, he would find minors online and extort them into posting nude pictures or violent actions—or sometimes both.

With one victim, Limkin allegedly shared his screen and showed her child pornography of a 5 year old girl being raped.

“Limkin had rules for MV [minor victim] and would make girls cut his name into their body and had a collage of pictures of it. Limkin reportedly talked to other minor females and asked for nude photographs every two hours and commented that ‘the younger [the females], the better,’” an FBI affidavit stated.

“Limkin asked MV for photographs of herself in her underwear. Limkin was on 4Chan, which is an internet messaging board where users can post content anonymously, and posted child pornography so MV reported him. Limkin would also post Nazi and child pornography memes in his Discord server.”

The FBI affidavit said the bureau launched an investigation into Limkin in May, and then interviewed the abovementioned victim a month later.

It took another six months for the FBI to finally arrest him in Hawaii. Agents did so last Wednesday, and he allegedly admitted to possessing child porn and being involved in Cultist and the O9A.

Only a portion of the FBI affidavit was released on Friday. The FBI asked for the remainder to be sealed due to an ongoing investigation.

The person who signed the affidavit supporting the criminal complaint against Limkin is an agent of the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division assigned to an FBI joint terrorism task force, or JTTF.

Headline USA sent email queries to the Army and the FBI, asking whether Limkin is a member of the Army. Neither organization immediately responded.

Limkin is set to have an initial court appearance today. The DOJ has filed a motion to keep him detained for all the obvious reasons.

His arrest follows the FBI arresting another member of O9A and 764, Angel Almeida, in October. Like Limkin, Almeida allegedly posted child porn online and encouraged minors to do the same.

According to the DOJ and others, O9A’s activities aren’t simply debauchery for the sake of debauchery. Rather, the group has a terroristic goal in mind: to corrupt the youth, which will accelerate the collapse of Western society.

“O9A embraces terrorism, including radical Islamic jihadist ideology and the violent tactics of jihadist groups, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (“ISIS”) and al Qaeda, as a means to accelerate the decline of Western society and to attack Jewish people in particular,” the DOJ said in a motion to keep Limkin imprisoned.

“’764′ represents a radical shift in the group to specifically target children and use
CSAM and videos depicting animal cruelty, self-harm, and other acts of violence
to accelerate chaos in society.”

As Headline USA has reported, O9A has some spooky connections to U.S. security agencies. Its founder was purportedly a member of a CIA-sponsored militia in the United Kingdom during the Cold War, and its U.S. leader, Josh Sutter, is a longtime FBI informant.

O9A has fomented several neo-Nazi terrorist plots, and an O9A-linked neo-Nazi participated in the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.