Fani Willis’s Black Panther Father Was Live-In Lover w/ Commie Radical Angela Davis


(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The father of the Fulton County district attorney prosecuting Donald Trump wasn’t just a former Black Panther Party founder, but also the live-in lover of notorious 1960s radical activist Angela Davis, a two-time vice-presidential candidate for the Communist Party.

John Floyd III, the father of District Attorney Fani Willis, let slip during an interview that during the 1960s he was shacking-up with Davis, according to the Washington Examiner.

Floyd, who reportedly raised Willis as a single-dad and still maintains daily contact with her, explained his conjugal relationship with Davis during the ’60s.

“At that time, I was dating Angela Davis, and she and I were actually living together,” Floyd said during a rambling discussion about his exploits with infamous black activists Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and Stokely Carmichael.

In its breaking reporting earlier this month on Floyd’s relation to Fani Willis, the New York Post noted Floyd had “dated” Davis.

The Examiner expanded on that reporting in detail to include the pair’s live-in lover relationship based on Floyd’s interview with the Bradley Center for its “Black Panther Archives” series.

Davis has the dubious distinction of being only the third woman to make the FBI’s Most Wanted list after she “was accused of involvement in kidnappings and murders related to the armed seizure of a courthouse in Marin County, California,” the Post reported.

The botched 1970 jailbreak resulted in the killing of Superior Court Judge Harold Haley and three others.

Following 16 months in jail, she was acquitted by a friendly jury and has since enjoyed a distinguished career in left-wing academia while translating her prison time into a powerful tool for even more radical activism.

The radical Marxist trail of social unrest activism that Davis left in her wake has lifted her to icon status with BLM leaders, who consider her an “ideological mentor,” the Examiner reported.

What Fani Willis considers the former live-in lover of her father is unclear, as is any potential biological tie. The opaque history of Willis’s biological mother remains a mystery.

“Willis has claimed she was raised by a ‘single dad’ and it is unclear what happened to her mother,” the Post reported. “Floyd remarried in 1989 but his second wife died in 2012 due to complications from a brain tumor.”

The years in between are equally cloudy, but based on Floyd’s Bradley Center reveal, he was lovers with Davis around 1966 and the two reportedly remained close through their Black Panther activism and leadership roles. Davis was arrested in 1970. Willis was born in 1971.

The Post reported that Davis mentioned Floyd twice in her 1974 memoir, but didn’t say if they dated. Willis told the Post: “You’re not the first time I’ve ever heard that, let’s say that,” apparently in response to a question about Floyd’s relationship with Davis.

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