Fani Willis Told Lover’s Attorney to Keep Quiet: ‘They Are Coming After Us’


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis quietly sounded the alarm to Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s former business partner and divorce attorney about imminent scrutiny stemming from their alleged affair in the Trump Georgia case, according to a new filing.

“They are coming after us. You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us,” Willis allegedly told Terrence Bradley, an ex-business partner of Wade, who had previously testified during the disqualification hearing against Willis.

First reported by the New York Post and the Washington Examiner, these revelations arise from a court filing submitted by Trump co-defendant David Schafer, asking Judge Scott McAfee to reopen evidence hearings.

The filing refers to conversations between Cindi Lee Yeager, a deputy district attorney in neighboring Cobb County, and Bradley. According to Schafer, both Yeager and Bradley are acquaintances.

The Fulton County case against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants is embroiled in controversy, given that Willis and Wade concealed their romantic involvement from both the judge and the defendants. 

This hidden relationship raises questions in the disqualification hearings against Willis: When did the relationship commence? Did Willis appoint Wade due to their affair? Did Willis gain financial advantages from Wade’s appointment as a special prosecutor?

Strikingly, Bradley took the stand in defense of Wade and Willis, asserting that he did not recall when the relationship between the two prosecutors started. However, Yeager contradicted this, stating that Bradley privately disclosed otherwise.

As alleged in Monday’s filings, Yeager and Bradley held multiple conversations starting in August 2023. It was during these discussions that Bradley admitted to Yeager that the relationship between Wade and Willis had begun before November 2021—when the investigation against Trump was initiated.

These assertions starkly contradict the sworn testimony of Willis and Wade, who have claimed that their affair began after Wade was hired. This line of defense aims to dispel the notion that Willis might have hired Wade solely because of their romantic involvement.

Evidence hearings on the disqualification motion, filed by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, concluded last week. Judge McAfee said he would determine if Willis should be removed within two weeks.