Facebook Hires New Censor for ‘Voting Rights and Elections’ Post


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) One of the Big Tech social media platforms, Meta’s Facebook, decided to increase its censorship efforts right before the 2024 election, which is proved by their job listing on LinkedIn for “voting rights & elections.”

This grants a reasonable suspicion after the tyrannical social media platforms censored the Hunter Biden laptop story just before the 2020 election, according to National File.

The job description detailed a position under Meta’s Civil Rights Team with an expected “expertise in voting rights, elections and democracy issues.”

In its original post on LinkedIn, the Big Tech platform added that the scope of the job will include research, analysis and communication strategy overseen by Roy Austin, VP and Deputy GC, CR and Legal Manager.

In addition to that, the listing went on to detail Meta’s Civil Rights Team, writing that it will act to “intersect with company policies and practices” to “address threats to voting rights, elections and civic participation, primarily in the United States.”

This would entail “research and analysis… of voting laws and civic participation, impacts of voter suppression and intimidation, particularly on historically marginalized communities and current threats to elections and well-functioning democracy,” Meta wrote in the description.

Among other job duties that were listed on the job listing were “summarizing and communicating developments in voting rights and elections, and risks to voters and elections in the US 24 context,” “[preparing] [and analyzing] memos” and “collaborating with the Civil Rights Team to instill civil rights’ best practices on voting and elections within the company.”

“[Contributing] relevant voting rights and elections analysis, research and content to documents and other resources,” “[developing] and [supporting] voting and elections priorities and strategic projects” and “[supporting] engagements with other voting and elections experts” were also among the job duties.

To qualify for this software development position, a person must have a law degree, which is one of the minimum qualifications.

“At Meta, we have a responsibility to everyone who uses our services to amplify the good and mitigate the harm… The Civil Rights Team recognizes the potential to help increase voter participation and civic engagement… We also understand the elevated risk environment and the need to counter threats to voting and elections, particularly when targeted at systematically marginalized communities,” Meta’s mission statement said.