Expert Claims Capitol Police ‘Set One Man On Fire’ With Concussion Grenades On January 6


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Former SWAT team supervisor Steven Hill, an experienced expert in the use of force, has raised concerns about the actions of law enforcement during the J6 Stop the Steal rally.

According to Hill, police initiated what he described as a “terror attack” on peaceful demonstrators by deploying a concussion grenade that resulted in one individual catching fire.

As an investigator for J6Truth, Hill has meticulously analyzed over 1000 hours of J6 footage and provided expert testimony in three trials related to the incident.

He has also collaborated with defense attorneys representing groups such as the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys to gather evidence supporting their cases.

The investigative team at J6 Truth, consisting of Hill, myself, and others, has uncovered a minimum of twelve incidents where law enforcement blatantly violated the law during the January 6 protests.

A video recorded by a protestor on the West Plaza of the US Capitol at 1:24 pm shows police officers launching a “sting ball grenade” into a nonviolent crowd, resulting in at least one person being set ablaze.

This action was an unlawful deviation from standard protocols and contravened all District of Columbia regulations.

“You see a sting ball grenade that has been hand-thrown by officers into a crowd of peaceful oblivious demonstrators who are at least 30 to 50 feet behind the frontline of demonstrators,” Hill highlights in a 2-minute video of the explosion.

“As you watch where the grenade lands, you see that this group of people — some of them are praying, talking with others, shooting cell phone video facing away from the officers and unaware as to what the Capitol officers are doing,” he continues. “The riot control weapon is a rubber ball grenade that uses a small charge that will split the ball in half and eject tear gases, rubber balls or both.”

In accordance with District of Columbia regulations and standard practices, law enforcement officers are required to issue dispersal orders and provide a clear warning to the crowd at least three times before considering an arrest, using force, or deploying munitions.

“The US Capitol Police used less lethal munitions against a crowd who was not advised that their actions were considered unlawful and they were not told to leave the area. When the Metropolitan Police arrived minutes later, they also started deploying munitions into a crowd that had not been warned,” Hill explains. “Both police agencies’ standard operating procedures and the Washington DC ordinances mandate the First Amendment demonstrators be warned at least three times using a public address system that is heard by the crowd.

“The US Capitol has a massive public address system that communicates directions over the entire area of the Capitol grounds, but they chose not to use it. This is only one of many unlawfully deployed grenades sent into the middle of peaceful crowds that day without any warning, injuring a number of protesters, [including] setting one man on fire. This is an unlawful and excessive use of force.”


The police deployed hand grenades — you pull a pin and you throw them down into the crowd —and it was an absolutely peaceful crowd. There was no reason for them to have done that,” Hill told TGP in an exclusive interview. “They were thrown into the most peaceful part of that crowd. And that’s criminal.” 

The majority of the American public, as indicated by a recent survey from The Washington Post and the University of Maryland in December, holds the belief that the government’s and mainstream narrative regarding the January 6 “insurrection” is accurate.

According to this survey, 55 percent of voters view the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 as an assault on democracy that should be remembered, while 43 percent feel that too much emphasis has been placed on it and it is time to move forward.

Democrat voters overwhelmingly support never forgetting the attack at 86 percent, akin to their stance on defunding the police, whereas Republican voters are more inclined towards turning the page with 72 percent expressing this view.

However, a closer examination of footage from that consequential day reveals that law enforcement officials themselves played a role in escalating the protest into an insurrection.

Additionally, there are concerns raised about exaggerated charges and extensive prosecutions of January 6 defendants being likened to a prolonged “terror attack” against the American population according to Hill.

“Most of these charges the Justice Department has leveled against January 6 defendants would be, at the most, misdemeanors in the real world. but not in the world of DC, where they’re where they’re trying to go after Trump. So, this has to be ‘worse than 911 and Pearl Harbor’ put together,” he said. “The government claims January 6 was an ‘insurrection,’ yet, 99 percent of the demonstrators were unarmed. They came to demonstrate, and that’s a First Amendment right.  And many of these people were pushed into their actions because of the actions of the police.

“It was it was a horrific event. There was so much misuse of force and unlawful use of force by officers that started the beginning of a terror event. But the real terrorist event started when our government started going after these people and charging them with crimes they could not commit or charging them with crimes that were so far above and beyond the simple misdemeanors they would have been charged with.

“Instead, they charged them with 10 felony counts, and I know the purpose behind it is to put people like you and me on notice that the government could come out of at us at any moment, that we need to ‘keep our mouths shut and go sit in our corner and not question what our government’s doing.’ And it’s it’s an absolute travesty that we’ve allowed our government to be so corrupt.”

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