Ex-FBI and FusionGPS Partner Reemerges w/ New QAnon Smear against Trump


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Anti-Trumpers have been using violent incidents involving seemingly mentally ill government contractors and ex-military personnel to attack the former President—and now one of the original engineers of the Russiagate hoax has reemerged to help with the smear campaign.

The latest incident of this happened after U.S. Navy veteran Ervin Lee Bolling allegedly rammed an SUV into a barrier at the front gate of the FBI’s Atlanta office on Monday. Two days later, the tech publication Wired published an article about Bolling being pro-Trump, having links to QAnon and wanting to join a militia.

Wired cited the non-profit group Advance Democracy as the source of its information about Bolling. Observers noted that Advance Democracy is headed by former FBI analyst and FusionGPS partner Daniel J. Jones—one of the main engineers of the Russiagate hoax. Jones reportedly hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to conduct opposition research on Trump, paying them millions of dollars.

Jones was one of the officials in an initial key Feb. 10, 2017, meeting to hatch the post-election plan to resurrect rumors Trump was a tool of the Kremlin. As RealClearInvestigations first reported in May 2020 that the meeting, which lasted about an hour and took place in a Washington office building, also included former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“The group discussed raising money to finance a multimillion-dollar opposition research project headed by Jones to target the new president. In effect, Jones’ operation would replace the Clinton campaign’s operation, continuing the effort to undermine Trump,” according to RCI.

“Just 10 days before the February 2017 meeting, Jones had incorporated a nonprofit called The Democracy Integrity Project (known internally as TDIP) … The goal of their ongoing project is to ‘prove’ the allegations in the dossier, while digging up new dirt on Trump and feeding it to media outlets, congressional investigators and the FBI to derail his presidency,” RCI reported in May 2020.

More than seven years later, Jones is using this week’s car crash to attack Trump—collecting nearly $500,000 for his efforts in the process. According to financial records, his new non-profit, Advance Democracy, received a $250,000 from his older non-profit involved in Russiagate, TDIP.

The car crash with Bolling—who enlisted in the Navy in January 1998 and served as a submarine sonar technician before retiring in 2017—is the latest incident being used to paint Trump as someone who inspires his followers to commit violence.

Last year, the Justice Department blamed Trump for a lone-wolf gunman’s April 2022 attack on an FBI field office in Cincinnati—even though it was revealed after the death of the gunman, 42-year old Ricky Shiffer, that the FBI was already investigating him for months prior to the incident.

Like Bolling, Shiffer worked on a submarine. He was also a U.S. security clearance holder.

More recently, anti-Trumpers linked Justin Mohn—the self-purported militia leader who murdered his father and displayed his decapitated head on YouTube in January—to QAnon and Trump. It later came out that Mohn is not a fan of Trump.

Even more so than Bolling or Shiffer, Mohn displayed signs of severe mental illness. Bizarrely, Mohn immediately travelled to a National Guard base after murdering his father, where he was taken into custody. Mohn’s father was in the Army Corps of Engineers.

And in an incident similar to the Bolling car crash, an FBI contractor was arrested in February for allegedly stealing a government vehicle from FBI headquarters and driving it to another bureau facility in Vienna, Virginia. According to the FBI’s criminal complaint, the FBI contractor, John Conrad Worrell III, heard “coded messages” before committing his crime.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.