Elon Musk Will Pay Legal Bills of X Users ‘Unfairly Treated’ for Posting, Liking on Platform: ‘No Limit’

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Elon Musk says that X will mark the spot where speaking out or liking what someone says will not come at a cost.

Musk posted Sunday that X, the platform he owns that was formerly called Twitter, will support individuals who say something outside of the corporate guardrails or give a tweet a thumbs-up much to the dismay of a boss who then takes action.

“If you were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform, we will fund your legal bill. No limit. Please let us know,” Musk, who has consistently referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist,” posted on his platform.

“And we won’t just sue, it will be extremely loud and we will go after the boards of directors of the companies too,” he also posted.


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The offer was not out there very long when it got a very public response from the Libs of TikTok account, saying streamer Kara Lynne was fired from her job at a gaming company because her personal social media activity crossed a company line.

A Daily Wire report in January had indicated that Lynne, a critic of the transgender movement, had been called to account for her posts on the issue, and subsequently let go.

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The situation is slightly more complicated than the headline. But yes.

— Kara Lynne (@Kara_Creates) August 6, 2023

Musk then reached out to Lynne, who said the whole thing was a bit more complex, but that she was fired.


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Twitter comments have cost more than one person a job.

For example, as noted in the Daily Beast, Seattle Times writer David Volodzko managed to get one column written before a tweet got him fired.

He had written about a statue of Vladimir Lenin statue in Seattle but later tweeted that in the hierarchy of evil, Lenin outranked Adolf Hitler because “Hitler only targeted people he personally believed were harmful to society whereas Lenin targeted even those he himself did not believe were harmful in any way.”

That led to a statement from the paper stating, “A Seattle Times editorial writer engaged in Twitter recently in a way that is inconsistent with our company values and those of our family ownership.”

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