Elon Musk Announces Plans to Visit the Southern Border


(Headline USA) Billionaire Elon Musk announced this week that he plans to visit the southern border and see the border crisis for himself as immigration officials continue to log record migrant crossings.

Musk has shown interest in the crisis and has posted frequently about it on Twitter.

In a post on Tuesday morning, he said he spoke with Rep. Tony Gonzalez, R-Texas, about this “serious issue” and agreed to make the trip to Eagle Pass, Texas.

“They are being overwhelmed by unprecedented numbers—just hit an all-time high and still growing!” he said. “Am going to visit Eagle Pass later this week to see what’s going on for myself.”

The tech billionaire has pointed out that few in the mainstream media seem to want to cover the crisis at all.

In a response to a report from Fox News’s Bill Melugin about the record number of illegal crossings, Musk asked: “Why does almost no one else in the media, besides you, ever say anything?”

Musk went on to say that the “media NPCs” have been “instructed not to cover” the crisis.

“Strange that there is almost no legacy media coverage of this,” he said.

“About 2 million people—from every country on Earth—are entering through the US southern border every year,” he added. “The number is rising rapidly, yet no preventive action is taken by the current administration.”

Eagle Pass, Texas was forced to declare a state of emergency last week due to the “severe undocumented immigrant surge” that is draining the city of its resources.

“We don’t want these people just to be walking our streets,” said Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. “A lot of them do have records and talking to Border Patrol, talking to DPS, there’s no way of confirming who are these people.”