Dog-Centric Airline to Feature In-Flight Squirrel Vids, Doggie Champagne


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) As American airlines continue to raise prices and cut amenities for flyers, a new airline is launching to respond to consumer needs.

This airline, however, will prioritize not people, but dogs, Fast Company reported.

Bark Air purports to be a dog-centric company, which allows humans to fly alongside their fur babies.

According to its website, the airline will prioritize making a low stress flying environment in order to help wealthy people and their posh animals avoid the masses.

For now, Bark Air will fly between London, England; New York City; and Los Angeles. Tickets cost $6,000 one-way from L.A. to New York and $8,000 one-way from New York to London.

“On the travel day, dogs and their people will arrive at the airport 45-minutes to an hour before the flight for a simple, efficient check-in process,” the site says. “A highly skilled BARK Air concierge will welcome all pups and help them settle in to their experience through socialization at the gate and dog-centric cabin preparation.”

In order to make the day of travel more pleasant for dogs, the flights will also include “calming aids,” such as “pheromone, music, warm lavender scented refreshment towels, and other comforts to help each dog feel settled.”

The dogs will even be able to “choose” their favorite beverages to drink as they fly, or get a belly rub at the touch of a button.

Jeff Benjamin, chief creative officer at Tombras, a creative agency partnering with Bark Air, ensured potential customers that the airline is not a joke.

“It’s not some elaborate prank,” he said, adding that serving dogs is very important to him and those at Bark Air.

“Bark Air is a totally real airline, built for real dogs and the real owners who love them,” he continued. “Because of this tension we thought all we needed to do is behave the same way any airline would—but do it for dogs.”