Disney Throws a Hissy Fit Over What DeSantis Just Did…

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When Florida passed a law that protects parental rights and children in public schools, Disney got ugly. It violated its influence in the state by vowing to overturn the law. The Hollywood company exposed itself as a radical, left-wing organization. And it hasn’t recovered since.

Disney’s lost billions since “going woke.” Customers are canceling their subscriptions and ditching its parks. The CEO had to lay off thousands of employees, with more coming. But it doesn’t seem as if the woke executives have learned anything. Because now, they are trying to turn the tables on Florida.

From CNBC:

Walt Disney Co. sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, alleging the Republican governor has waged a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power” against the company amid a protracted fight over a controversial classroom bill.

This is rich. Disney is suing Gov. DeSantis over “weaponizing” his power against them. Um… that is exactly what Disney tried to do against the entire state! Disney thought it had enough power to manipulate Florida’s government. It wanted to overturn a law that prevents teachers from grooming young children.

Florida struck back by revoking Disney’s special status within the state. Disney has become so big and powerful, in part thanks to a deal it made with Florida decades ago. Now, it thinks it can undermine the will of Florida voters by interfering with the legislative process.

Pretty typical for the liberal elite. They think because they have money, their opinion matters more than voting Americans.

This lawsuit is just a sham. Disney thinks it can continue pushing its woke agenda onto the state. The company hasn’t learned that pushing leftist politics only hurts themselves.

It’s hard to say if this lawsuit holds any water. Disney is fighting to hold onto a special arrangement it made with Florida in the 1960s. It will be hard for any judge to buy its claim that DeSantis is “weaponizing” the government against it. The state had the right to pass bills and end agreements it made decades ago.

Disney is just making sour grapes over it. It’s lost the battle, but it trying to cause as much noise and chaos as possible. This will only serve to further erode the company’s influence in America.