‘Despicable Ghoul’: Maui Greets Biden Visit and Renewed Insults w/ Jeers and Boos


(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) After weeks of what was roundly ridiculed as a wholly offensive response to the deadly wildfires that destroyed Maui, President Joe Biden finally took a quick break from his perpetual vacationing to pay the island a passing visit and drop more insults.

While professing his administration’s support for survivors of the disaster that has already claimed at least 115 lives with upwards of 800 resident unaccounted for, Biden was torched for immediately making himself the focus of the tragedy.

“Biden brings up the death of his first wife and daughter in 1972 while speaking in Maui, where at least 850 people are still missing, and more than 100 have perished,” tweeted White House blacklisted correspondent Simon Ateba.

In his rush to empathize with Maui residents who have had their lives devastated and homes destroyed, Biden stretched a tall-tale into record fabulist proportions. “I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette and my cat,” Biden claimed as he related his version of an electrical fire at his house.

“Joe Biden can relate to everyone who lost their homes in Maui because there was a small fire in his kitchen that was under control in 20 minutes,” tweeted conservative commentator Benny Johnson.

Biden fared no better when he was trying to relate to Maui’s first responders, at one point cracking a tone-deaf quip about a rescue dog’s footwear. “You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man,” he guffawed.

Given the callous commiserator-in-chief’s overall ugly response to Maui residents and their continued plight, the greeting Biden received for his visit was appropriately predictable.

“As Joe Biden finally arrives in Maui, he’s met by OUTRAGED locals holding signs that read: ‘You’re too late!’ and ‘Actions speak louder than words,’” Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk relayed. “Just brutal.”

Residents lined the streets to lob equal parts profanities and  pleas for help, as Biden’s motorcade zipped the president and First Lady off to catch Air Force One and resume his luxury retreat in Lake Tahoe.

“Biden does a hit-and-run visit to the site of the catastrophic Maui fire,” tweeted conservative podcaster Monica Crowley. “He’s a despicable ghoul.”