DeSantis Signs New Law Honoring America’s Greatest Heroes

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DeSantis has been making waves in Florida schools these days. His newest series of bills has several benefits for teachers.

But they’re not the only ones who will get something new out of them. He’s also focusing on middle and high school students, who have had negative effects from what Democrats call ”education” as much as elementary school students.

One of the issues with the modern liberal concept of education is a lack of age-appropriateness. In his revamp of what students should be learning, DeSantis chose to add important history.

From Breitbart:

House Bill 1537, which largely focuses on preparation programs for teachers, also contains a provision establishing September 11 as “9/11 Heroes Day,” requiring 45 minutes of instruction for both middle and high school students on the tragic attack on U.S. soil:

The bill also includes something that we were asked to support over the last year, year and a half, by folks who were serving in uniform in New York City during September 11. And that is establishing a ‘9/11 Heroes Day’ in honor of those who gave their lives fighting for freedom on September 11.

Typically, students (and adults) only hear about 9/11 in an extremely negative light. So, it’s wonderful that students will learn the positive aspects of it.

I think it’s important because children in middle and high school eventually go through adolescence and become teenagers. Along with their physical development, they also experience a lot of mental development.

Not to mention, they begin to think seriously about what they want to do in life. It really helps to have heroes – role models are extremely valuable, especially for growing children who are coming into their own.

And not just role models in general, but heroes. Because heroes teach about self-sacrifice for the good of the people.

Remember the motto “It takes a village to raise a child.” But teachers cannot be replacement parents for their students and impose their politics onto them.

It’s about time middle and high school students get to see 9/11 in a new light. They will by association learn about having hope, a sense of community, and selflessness. DeSantis cares about students, and it shows.