DeSantis Goes After Liberal Holy Grail, And He Is About To….

In the News

Democrats have criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for years now. Why? Because he’s a bad governor? No, but because he has been passing measures that restrict things that few Americans support. Democrats were outraged when DeSantis signed a bill preventing teachers from discussing sexuality and gender issues in public school classes.

Why should Democrats be upset with that–when they themselves claim they aren’t grooming children?

Well, DeSantis is not done smashing leftist holy grails wherever he finds them. The Florida legislature just brought to his desk several bills that will further prevent the radical left from harming children. And even the liberal media can’t stand it.

From AP News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bills Wednesday that ban gender-affirming care for minors, target drag shows, restrict discussion of personal pronouns in schools and force people to use certain bathrooms.

Oh no! Gov. DeSantis signed bills that prevent Democrats from forcing their transgender agenda onto children. What a monster! Even AP twisted the story by calling procedures that mutilate children “gender-affirming care.”

What it really is are procedures or treatments that disrupt a child’s natural development, remove parts of their body, or alter their hormones. There is nothing “affirming” about it. Yet Democrats have championed this morbid agenda, even on children who are too young to understand the consequences of such “care.”

DeSantis went on to ban drag shows from being performed near children or at schools. Apparently to AP News, that is “targeting” them. Since when is it appropriate for grown men dressed like women to dance suggestively around children?

And Democrats claim they aren’t groomers?

DeSantis also banned the nonsense of preferred pronouns in schools and will require boys to use boys’ bathrooms. How evil of him.

It’s pretty pathetic that we’ve fallen so far that a Republican governor has to sign bills like these. All of this was common sense just a few years ago. But the radical left has so poisoned Democrat Party, that we have to fight back just to protect our children from perverts.

Hopefully, every other Republican state will follow Florida’s lead.