Dems Admit Leftist Pro-Hamas Riot at DNC HQ Was Worse Than J6


(Headline USA) Democratic congressional staffers admitted that a pro-Palestinian riot in front of the Democratic National Committee headquarters this week was more terrifying than the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The illegal and violent riot on Wednesday night resulted in several Capitol Police officers being injured, despite the fact that only one demonstrator had reportedly been arrested to date.

Reports from the incident revealed protesters pepper-sprayed and punched officers who were trying to prevent them from breaking into the DNC office, where several lawmakers were present.

One lawmaker inside the building admitted the riot “scared me more than Jan. 6,” according to Axios. “Police were wearing gas masks … This was not peaceful.”

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., agreed, saying the situation “rattled me more than January 6th” did.

“I was scared,” she added. “Someone is going to get hurt at one of these things. They can get out of control.”

Several Democrats tried to talk down the protesters during the clash.

“To the protesters: PLEASE don’t do something irresponsible,” said Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill., who was inside the DNC at the time of the riot. 

The far-left activists responsible for the riot claimed they were forced to respond after “police violently attacked nonviolent anti-war activists.”

They also accused the Capitol Police of refusing to communicate with their police liaison.

“Hundreds of peaceful anti-war activists came to the DNC to call for an end to bombs and violence in order to save Palestinian and Israeli lives,” claimed Jewish Voice for Peace director Beth Miller. “They were met with brutal assaults by the police.”

The Democratic Socialists of America, who were also involved in planning the riot, warned that Democrats’ response to the confrontation could cost them leftist votes.

“The Democratic Party just showed exactly how it feels about its voters,” DSA-NYC member Sumaya Awad said in a statement.