Dem Lawmaker’s House Raided by FBI in Connection to Tucker Carlson Leaks

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The FBI search of a Florida Democratic elected official’s home is connected to leaked materials from Fox News involving Tucker Carlson, according to a report Friday.

The federal agency conducted a raid and search of a Tampa home this month, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The home is that of Tampa City Council member Lynn Hurtak and her husband, media consultant Tim Burke.

Carlson has been targeted in a series of selective leaks following his firing from Fox News last month — with leftist organization Media Matters publishing off-air content in which he made off-color remarks.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Conservative critics of Fox News have accused the network of leaking the footage to sully his reputation after his abrupt dismissal.

Sources familiar with the raid told the Tampa Bay Times the search was carried out in connection with an FBI investigation of the leaks.

A federal prosecutor outlined the investigation in a letter provided to Fox News.

The FBI probe involves alleged computer hacks and intercepted communications involving the network.

The search took place May 8, according to the report.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Burke has worked for the left-wing news outlets Deadspin and The Daily Beast.

Burke declined to comment in response to an inquiry from the Times.

Prosecutors have asked a judge to seal a probable cause affidavit underlying the search of Burke’s home, according to The Daily Beast.