Days After Feinstein Returns From Hospital, She Said Something That’s EXTREMELY Depressing…

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Democrats were outraged when Sen. Dianne Feinstein missed ten weeks due to a bout with shingles. They called on the 89-year-old woman to resign, so they could continue ramming Biden’s agenda through the Senate. But when she finally returned to the Senate, Democrats turned a blind eye to some troubling details.

Feinstein appeared on Capitol Hill in a wheelchair. It looked as if she had suffered from something more than shingles. When asked about her nearly three-month absence, she denied ever being out. Clearly, something is very wrong. Now, we are learning it’s much worse than we thought.

From Daily Wire:

Feinstein, 89, is suffering from vision and balance impairments as well as a form of facial paralysis known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome because her shingles spread to her face and neck, sources disclosed to The New York Times. These sources also said the senator developed encephalitis, which causes swelling of the brain that can lead to complications such as memory loss, language problems, confusion, and mood disorders.

It seems Feinstein is denying how serious her condition is. When asked she claims she just had a “really bad flu” but is “doing better.” Uh… that’s not good enough. This is a woman who is almost 90 and is suffering from a list of serious health conditions.

Yet we are supposed to think she should be serving in the U.S. Senate? Democrats were willing to call for her resignation when it was convenient for them. But now that she can actually “work” they don’t seem to care.

What kind of cruel, uncaring party doesn’t want a very sick woman to resign, so she can focus on her health? This is the same party that urged Ruth Bader Ginsburg to stay in office during the Trump administration, just to prevent him from picking another justice (didn’t work out for them then, did it?).

For the Democrats to only care about this woman, when it helps them politically, is downright criminal. Why aren’t her family and close friends urging her to resign, for her own sake? Are Democrats so obsessed with power, that they’d stay in office even when they are no longer fit to do so?

I can’t speak for Feinstein or any other Democrat. But I can say that this situation is absolutely unacceptable.