Days After Assault on Conservative Athlete, Something Happened That Will Make You…

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We’ve all seen in recent years how the radical left is working to undermine Americans in all fields. “Woke” Democrats are supporting decisions that deprive women of their chances to succeed. Moves done by liberals in colleges have robbed hard-working women of earning important achievements.

Pretty ironic from a party that claims to protect “women’s rights.”

One female athlete, Riley Gaines, is speaking out against this trend. The radical left has tried to silence her, going as far as to attack her during a speech at SFSU. Now, House Republicans are rallying behind women like Gaines, putting forward a bold new bill.

From Fox News:

House Republicans are setting up a vote next week on legislation aimed at keeping biological males out of girls’ and women’s sports at colleges, universities and public schools across the nation…

Just last week, NCAA champion swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum spokesperson Riley Gaines was assaulted by protesters at San Francisco State University as she argued against transgender female athletes being allowed to compete against biological female athletes.

Boom! House Republicans are preparing a bill that will ban biological males from competing against women in sports in schools and universities. Numerous states have already passed these kinds of laws. But if passed by Congress, it will apply nationwide.

This comes as more Americans push back against the left’s transgender agenda. Democrats have rallied around this small group, demanding that biological men be treated the same as biological women.

To deny this is to be labeled a “transphobe” by the radical left. But we’ve seen how dangerous and illogical this movement is. Biological males, which are bigger and stronger than women, are winning female championships. Democrats are robbing women of their chance at success while claiming to be supporters of women’s rights.

Talk about hypocrisy. In recent days, Biden’s White House has scolded states that pass laws banning men from competing in women’s sports–and laws that prevent doctors from performing transgender procedures on children.

Biden is drawing a line in the sand, siding with a group that just murdered six Americans. But Republicans are actually fighting for women’s rights with this new bill. It’s unclear what will happen with this bill. Chances are, Democrats will shoot it down.

Further proving they are against women’s success.