Cuomo Urges Biden’s Pre-2024 Ousting, Cites President’s Sex Assault Hypocrisy


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sparked controversy in a recent interview with Real Time with Bill Maher, where he took a direct swipe at President Joe Biden and called for someone to challenge him in the upcoming 2024 elections. 

Cuomo, who resigned from office following a spate of sexual harassment allegations, didn’t hold back as he highlighted the allegations of sexual misconduct against Biden. 

“I think what Biden’s calculus was — he was accused [by] Tara Reade, fingers in the vagina… other women came out — ‘He smelled my hair,’ etc. He wanted to quickly distance himself from this,” Cuomo said, recounting Biden’s support for his resignation. “He could have said, ‘You know what? I went through this. Let’s take a deep breath and actually get the facts before we ask a governor to resign.’” 

The host, Bill Maher, questioned Cuomo’s intentions, asking whether he would consider running against Biden. “Probably, probably,” Cuomo responded. 

Maher seemed surprised by Cuomo’s bold response and asked, “Really? Even with him sitting in office?”

The former governor doubled down on his remarks, saying, “Probably. I think there should be a Democratic primary,” Cuomo said, before describing Biden as a weak candidate. 

“I don’t know that candidate Biden is the strongest candidate that we can put up, and frankly, I doubt it,” Cuomo continued. “I think the Democratic Party has to engage with real people and real voters on a different level. They’re too much ‘Trump is no good and Trump is a bum.’”

Moreover, Cuomo cautioned that the Democrats’ focus on former President Donald Trump is overplayed.  

“You can’t run on banking that the other guy is gonna lose,” he asserted, stressing the need for an alternative strategy. “You have to have an affirmative strategy to win, and the truth is there has been a paralysis of government, right? There’s social division, political polarization equals government paralysis, and that is on the ground. And they have to see that, and they have to answer that.”