Coward David Hogg Refuses To Debate Colion Noir on the Second Amendment…

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The issue with the gun discussion in this nation, according to Colion Noir in the video up top, is that there isn’t one. Because the pro-2A community is the only group willing to debate.

When he learned that Colion would be his opponent in the discussion, David Hogg withdrew from it, which was organized by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Center for the Study of a Liberal Democracy. The debate’s subject: The Second Amendment was a mistake, it is decided.

The Harvard Man seemed to find it difficult to argue for gun regulation, a cause that has made him famous and probably earns him a sizable paycheck.

In the video above, Colion urges his audience to refrain from berating Hogg for the obvious lack of courage he exhibits in standing up for his beliefs. He doesn’t want us to mistreat him or intimidate him. We are at odds.

For being all too eager to appear on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and other oh-so-friendly channels where he can count on taking softball questions from supportive talking heads, Hogg should be viciously humiliated and endlessly ridiculed. However, he is absent when called upon to defend what he claims to be his ardently held convictions in opposition to a person who is knowledgeable about the facts and eager to refute his talking points.

Anyone who has followed him over the years shouldn’t be particularly shocked by his cowardice. This is completely in line with someone who, ever since he emerged from mediocrity and obscurity following the Parkland shooting, hasn’t benefited from the fawning admiration and careful coddling of either the Gun Control IndustryTM or the media.

He has clearly demonstrated who and what he is by refusing to argue with Colion. These specimens have a name in Texas…no cattle, only hat.