COVID-19 Vaccines Resulted in 17M Deaths, Scientific Report Said


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A new scientific report revealed that COVID-19 vaccines caused a high all-cause mortality in 17 countries — especially among the elderly population.

The scientists who wrote the Correlation Research in the Public Interest report that was published on Sept. 17, 2023, and hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed quantified the vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) for all ages — which is the ratio of inferred vaccine-induced deaths to vaccine doses delivered in a given population, the Epoch Times reported.

After doing that, the researchers calculated a mean all-ages fatal toxicity by injection of vDFR of one death per 800 injections across all ages and countries. According to the Times, this equates to 17 million COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths all around the world from 13.25 billion injections as of Sept. 2, 2023.

It was also discovered that the overall risk of death induced by COVID-19 vaccines is 1,000 times greater than it was previously reported in data from clinical trials, adverse event monitoring and cause-of-death statistics obtained from death certificates, the news source added.

All-cause mortality is the death rate from all causes of death for a population in a specific time period, which, according to Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], “is a good feature to use in statistical medical analyses since there is no ambiguity in whether someone has died or not.”

“It is highly disturbing that these authors have found a consistent trend among seventeen countries showing a significant increase in all-cause mortality coinciding with extensive COVID vaccine rollout. Their estimate of one death for every 800 injections globally is alarming,” she said.

An analysis of all-cause mortality was done by using data from the World Mortality Dataset for 17 equatorial and Southern Hemisphere countries. Those countries were Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Suriname, Thailand and Uruguay.