Cover-Up Unveiled: FBI Urged Nashville Police to Conceal Trans Killer’s Motive


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A recently uncovered memo shows that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pressured the Metro Nashville Police Department to keep the manifesto of a trans killer secret after a mass shooting at Covenant School, a prominent Christian institution.

According to the memo dated May 11, 2023, officials from the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group urged Nashville Police Chief John Drake not to release any information about the killer’s writings and other documents, referred to as “legacy tokens.”


First, the FBI claimed they “will contribute to future attacks.” Second, the FBI said legacy tokens do not “provide the answers or comfort sought by the public and surviving victims.” Third, the FBI claimed legacy tokens “facilitate false narratives and inaccurate information” — and even “conspiracy theories.”

The memo goes on to say:

Public release of legacy tokens from all mass shootings, but school shootings in particular, will likely spark incredibly intense interest and study by potential offenders who are considering a school-based attack. For all the reasons listed above, release of legacy tokens such as this would endanger school security across the country.

Experts agree that as a society we must do everything we can to prevent all mass shootings, including school shootings, from happening in the future. A clear step we can take is limiting the availability of legacy tokens for ideation, study, and inspiration by those considering an attack.

This was approximately six weeks after the tragic school massacre that left many families and communities devastated.

The revelation has sparked outrage among conservative Americans who value transparency and justice.

Many are questioning why the FBI would advise against releasing crucial evidence in such a high-profile case.

Some have even suggested that this could be an attempt by the FBI to protect their own image and avoid scrutiny for failing to prevent such a heinous crime.

In response to these allegations, an FBI spokesperson released a statement saying, “We stand by our recommendation for the protection of legacy tokens in this case. It is standard procedure in investigations involving sensitive materials.”

However, critics argue that this does not justify withholding vital information from the public and potentially hindering justice for the victims and their families.

Furthermore, many are questioning why there is such reluctance on behalf of law enforcement agencies to disclose details about the killer’s manifesto.

In light of this new information, calls for a thorough investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Covenant School massacre case are growing louder.

Many are demanding answers and accountability from those in positions of power.

This latest development also raises concerns about the integrity and impartiality of law enforcement agencies, as well as their commitment to protecting the rights and safety of all citizens.

We cannot allow our justice system to be manipulated or influenced by political agendas.

The families of the victims deserve closure and justice, and it is our duty as patriotic citizens to demand transparency and accountability from those entrusted with upholding the law.

As we continue to follow this story closely, let us not forget the lives lost in this tragic event and keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

American Patriot

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