Conservatives Want McCarthy to Press Charges as Insurrectionists Invade Office


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A group of violent leftist protesters stormed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office on Tuesday, causing panic among staffers and defying law enforcement’s orders to vacate the Capitol building.  

The incident led to the arrest of seven individuals and has sparked outrage among prominent conservatives, who are calling for McCarthy to take immediate legal action against the fringe trespassers, drawing comparisons to the January 6th protest. 

“We need for @SpeakerMcCarthy to press charges,” Political commentator Mike Cernovich said on Twitter. “When none are filed, J6’ers have at least something to show selective prosecution as these cases make their way to SCOTUS.”

As reported by the New York Post, the leftist activists, reportedly demanding the renewal of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), have occupied Capitol Hill in a brazen display of civil disobedience as the program’s expiration date looms on September 30.

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, shared the video footage of the protest on Twitter saying the rage looked like an insurrection.

Collin Rugg, the co-founder of Trending Politics, echoed Kirk’s remarks. “A very sad day for Democracy,” he said, apparently mocking the Democratic Party’s rhetoric around January 6. “[W]ill they be thrown in prison for years on end for this? When Democrats do this, they are ‘occupying.’ If Trump supporters do this, they are ‘traitors.’”

One Twitter user pointed out to reports that federal prosecutors dropped all charges against individuals who looted and rioted ahead of former President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration. “Leftists are allowed to repeatedly do these things with no repercussions. Great example is riots of 2017 inauguration,” the user said on Twitter.

Prominent Twitter account “End Wokeness” questioned the differing treatment received by J6 activists. “Richard Barnett was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for entering Speaker Pelosi’s office on January 6th, 2021,” the account, known for its viral postings, said. “Today, multiple LGBTQ activists stormed Speaker McCarthy’s office at the Capitol. Will they get the same treatment?” 

This incident comes at a time when January 6th protesters are facing severe sentences in their trials following the security breach at Capitol Hill. Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was recently sentenced to 22 years in federal prison after being accused by the Biden DOJ of leading efforts to protest the results of the contentious 2020 election. 

A spokesperson for the U.S. Capitol Police claimed that the seven individuals were arrested. “This morning, multiple individuals were demonstrating inside a House Office Building,” Capitol law enforcement told the Post on Monday. “After the demonstrators refused to cease demonstrating, USCP then arrested the 4 males and 3 females for unlawful entry.”