Commie Activists Use Pro-Palestine Protests to Foment ‘Real Revolution’


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Communist organizations are using pro-Palestine protests in New York City to promote physical revolution and escalation of conflict in pamphlets.

Multiple communist groups met on May 7, 2024, at Revolution Books in Harlem, Manhattan, and discussed “gathering forces for revolution,” the Epoch Times reported

“Nobody is an outsider when it comes to fighting injustice. Everybody has a right and responsibility to do that. And we need to bring to them the way out of this mess, where it’s coming from and why it can be ended. And how it can be ended in a real revolution. And the fact that right now is a time when revolution is more possible. This is something we need to seize on,” Carl Dix, a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, said.

One of the groups, Revolutionary Internationalist Youth (RIY), took credit for participating in many of the protests that are happening all around the country.

A pamphlet that was given out during the May 6, 2024, “Day of Rage” protest revealed that the Internationalist Group and RIY claimed to “have been present daily at solidarity protests outside Columbia University, as well as at the New School and NYU.”

“Strike committees are necessary to mobilize nationwide for a coordinated strike. It can be the spark that spreads a fire more broadly in society, crucially to the labor movement which has the power to stop arms shipments,” another pamphlet written by Marxist newspaper Workers Vanguard titled “Escalate the Struggle! National Student Strike to Free Palestine” stated.

The pamphlet included phone numbers and emails for the newspaper’s different branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Oakland, Calif.

RevCom Corps, another group, also has been active in the pro-Palestinian protests, calling for “emancipation of humanity” and “physical revolution.”

It was also previously reported by the Publica that the “leaders” of the pro-Palestine student protests released internal guidance on how to occupy college campuses and engage in other criminal activities.

The Washington Free Beacon also discovered that far-left activist groups and Islamic organizations are pressing American politicians to block a bipartisan proposal to strip tax-exempt status from nonprofits that provide material support to terrorist organizations.