CNN Reveals that Top States Googling ‘Migrants’ Are All Blue


(Headline USA) Even Democratic voters are becoming increasingly concerned about illegal immigration into the U.S., according to CNN.

A network analysis of Google searches for the term “migrants” found that the majority of searches were coming from solid-blue sanctuary states, with Illinois being the top state and New York the second.

“You might be thinking, OK, this is just Republican voters who are feeling this way, but I want you to take a look here because I think this is rather interesting,” said CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten on Wednesday.

“The most Google searches for migrants by state … they are all blue states,” he continued. “Illinois is one. New York is two. Massachusetts is three. New Jersey is four. Colorado is five.”

Enten noted that the economy was still voters’ top priority heading into 2024, but that immigration had closed the ranks to become a close second.

Back in August, just 11% of voters said the border crisis was a top concern. Now, 19% of voters agree that it’s a top issue, he said.

CNN also admitted that a growing number of immigrant voters are rating border security as a top concern. Their top issue is the economy, Enten said, but “immigration/border … is No. 2 at 14%.”

The news comes as a growing number of Democratic leaders demand action from the Biden administration in regards to the migrant crisis.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, for example, claimed the federal government needs to provide additional aid to his city “so that we can actually sustain this mission” of helping migrants who arrive in Chicago.

“Without significant federal support, this is not sustainable,” Johnson said.

“You know, I had a delegation to actually go to the border and see firsthand the challenges that our bordering states and our bordering cities are experiencing right now,” he continued. “And what I have called for repeatedly is, again, a coordinated approach between state and local municipalities so that we can address this crisis.”