Cleveland Catholic Schools Ban All LGBT Affiliation and Behaviors


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Over 100 Catholic schools in Cleveland, Ohio, announced that they will no longer allow LGBTQ+ affiliation or behaviors from students, faculty or staff.

The changes resulted from the recently released guidelines on sexuality and gender from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, according to the Daily Wire.

The diocese explained that the changes within the schools were simply a formal policy version of the guidelines.

“Since questions of sex, sexuality, and gender identity have become increasingly prevalent in our society, it is our hope that the policy will help to ensure these matters are addressed in a consistent and authentically Catholic manner across our diocesan institutions and diocesan Catholic schools, and that those we serve will have a clear understanding about expectations and accommodations related to those matters,” stated the diocese.

The new school rules ban the use of preferred pronouns; restricts bathroom and facility usage to biological sex; prohibits boys from attending classes, participating in sports, and programs for girls and vice versa; forbids same-sex dates to school dances; bans any form of LGBT advocacy; and prohibits gender transition of any kind.

The policy also required teachers or other staff members to notify a child’s parents in the event they share their gender confusion.

The Biblically-sound effects all policy offices, parishes, parish schools and diocesan schools and the students, staff, faculty, volunteers and others that reside in them.

While the statement acknowledged the existence of gender dysphoria, they emphasized a solution of grace, kindness and encouraging students to accept their God-given gifts.

“This understanding erases those intentional, embodied distinctions between men and women,” the policy, written by Bishop Edward Malesic. “As such, this view is contrary to the divinely revealed reality of our true, God-given human nature.”

Bishop Malesic published a separate letter emphasizing the importance of the unity of body and soul.

“The human person is a unity of body and soul; we experience the world through our bodies, and it is through the virtuous expression of our bodies that we reveal God,” said Malesic. “Through times of questioning and confusion, we must accompany our brothers and sisters in Christ with compassion, mercy, and dignity so that we might lovingly help them navigate the confusion and arrive at truth.”

The statement caused quite a stir in the city. Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb accused the Bishop of a “shocking betrayal” of church teachings.

“For me, faith is about universal love and acceptance,” said Bibb. “Instead, the new policy forces LGBTQ+ kids to hide their authentic selves and attend schools in fear of persecution for who they are.”