Claim: 58% of Adults (72% of Women) Likely to Wear a ‘Sexy’ Halloween Outfit


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) A recent poll taken by a dating app suggests that adult Americans intend to dress up in “sexy” Halloween costumes at a strikingly high rates, the New York Post reported.

The poll, however, may be misleading. It was conducted by Pure, a dating app that promotes “one night stands,” seeks to combat “misconceptions” about “bi-sexuality,” and encourages “QTPOC,” or “Queer and Trans People of Color,” to live out their fantasies.

In sum, 58% out of the 2000 adults polled committed themselves to dressing up in something sexually appealing. The number was higher among women, 72% of whom said that they intend to dress up in such attire.

“Sexy and classy was my definite plan for Halloween,” said Pure CEO Olga Petrunina in a statement. “I went to a kinky party in Berlin, dressed in a latex outfit.”

Of course, those who use the Pure app are far more likely to engage in such things, meaning that the poll’s numbers may not be especially indicative of larger American trends.

But the phenomenon does appear to be trending upward, at least based on the availability of such outfits. The costume site Yandy, for instance, currently offers 1,776 “sexy” themed options, including sexy Ronald McDonald, sexy Scooby Doo, sexy construction-zone tape and a “Donna T.” getup inspired by everyone’s favorite GOP frontrunner.

Alas, it seems Halloween, which originated in the desire to honor all souls as a Christian feast, has transformed into a night wherein single adults look for a “turn-on” in their desperate attempts to “end the night with a fling,” according to Pure.

The self-described dating app “where anything goes” specializes in breaking up marriages, and, according to Anna Hintsyak, the company’s marketing manager in the U.S. and United Kingdom, it is “like Uber for dating—right here, right now.”

As one might suspect, two-thirds of the users are males.

For Hintsyak, however, Pure is superior to other sex-oriented dating apps because it is also woke.

“We stand for diversity and inclusivity, so when creating a profile, there are three genders to choose from (male, female, non-binary) and five sexual identities (heterosexual, queer, lesbian, bisexual, asexual),” she said.