Chris Christie Rules Out Third Party Bid for the White House


(Headline USA) Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ruled out a third-party bid for the White House this week, shutting down speculation that he might join the unity ticket proposed by No Labels.

Christie dropped out of the 2024 GOP primary earlier this year but refused to endorse anyone else in the race. He also left the door open to a potential independent bid, saying he would strongly consider it if he saw a path to clinch 270 electoral votes.

However, on Wednesday Christie said he does not see any such path.

“I appreciate the encouragement I’ve gotten to pursue a third party candidacy,” Christie said in a statement on X. “I believe we need a country that once again feels like everyone has a stake in what we’re doing and leadership that strives to bring people together, instead of using anger to divide us.”

Christie also said he would not want to run as an independent and inadvertently help former President Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumptive 2024 nominee.

“While I believe this is a conversation that needs to be had with the American people, I also believe that if there is not a pathway to win and if my candidacy in any way, shape or form would help Donald Trump become president again, then it is not the way forward,” he claimed.

Former GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley also ruled out a No Labels bid after dropping out of the primary, saying she would not want to run with a Democrat on the ticket.

“I’m a Republican,” she said. “If I were to do No Labels, that would require a Democrat. I can’t do what I wanted to express with the Democrats. And so I don’t think I can do it right. If I ran for No Labels, that would mean it’s about me. It’s not about me. It’s about the direction I think the country should go.”

Haley also declined to endorse Trump, claiming the former president needs to “earn” her support.

“At its best, politics is about bringing people into your cause, not turning them away, and our conservative cause badly needs more people. This is now his time for choosing,” she said.