China Refuses to Take Back Military-Age Foreign Invaders


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A troubling video showed Border Patrol processing long lines of illegal aliens, reportedly Chinese nationals. With 24,000 detained at the southern border, none will be deported as China refuses to take them back. 

Filmed at Jacumba Hot Springs, California, the video, released by NewsNation reporter Jorge Ventura, was widely shared on social media, depicting what many critics have labeled as “military-aged” foreigners at the southern border.

In the footage, approximately a few dozen illegal immigrants can be seen standing in line with their luggage placed in front of them. “Why do they all have nice luggage?” questioned Soledad Ursua, a writer for City Journal

Critics on Twitter widely condemned the harrowing lines of illegal aliens, particularly as President Joe Biden faces scathing and bipartisan criticism over his apparent lack of action at the southern border. 

“The invasion of military aged males continues. Biden gives them transportation into the interior, room and board, and a stipend. What are their orders?” stated the popular Twitter page Amuse, while Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk added, “The invasion continues, and it’s by design.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reacted to the viral video, promising to take action if elected president. “This is not normal. Our country is being invaded,” he said. “We cannot afford to take half measures or make excuses on this issue. We must stop the invasion, take the fight to the cartels, and finally build the border wall.” 

Echoing DeSantis, conservative attorney Rogan O’Handley, also known as DC Draino, criticized the ludicrousness of the video “Our greatest foreign threat is Communist China,” he said. “Guess who is now sending tens of thousands of fighting-aged men through our southern border with no vetting? I’ll give you a hint – when their dictator leader visited America we rolled out the red carpet.” 

While it isn’t immediately clear whether the individuals are of Chinese origin, the emergence of the video comes a week after a scathing New York Times report highlighted that over 24,000 illegal aliens from China have been apprehended at the southern border in 2023 alone. 

This number marks the highest ever and surpasses the total number of immigrants apprehended in the past 10 years. 

Making matters worse, the outlet revealed that even those Chinese nationals with final deportation orders won’t be able to be deported because the Chinese Communist government refuses to take them back