China Creates Global AI ‘Initiative’ to Control World’s Tech


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) On Wednesday, China launched its “Global Artificial Intelligence Governance Initiative” at the Belt and Road Initiative [BRI] forum in Beijing.

Chinese propaganda outlet Global Times tried to sell the narrative that the AI initiative had an “open, inclusive, and fair approach” to AI development, but Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Taliban — international criminals — being present at the BRI forum indicated the true intentions of the Chinese Communist Party, Breitbart reported.

On Wednesday, the state-run publication also promoted the Global AI Governance Initiative as a “stark contrast to the U.S.’s restrictions and blockade aimed at preserving its hegemony,” referring to the U.S. and allied countries locking down sales of advanced computer technology to China last year.

The absence of any kind of ethical standards in the communist dictatorship allowed AI-driven surveillance, including research into AI facial recognition systems that would allow Beijing tyrants to track and monitor “troublesome” minority populations such as Tibetans and Uyghur Muslims.

Both the CIA and FBI expressed their concerns about China’s influence on AI development and its abuse of the technology to drive massive espionage, surveillance and influence campaigns, according to Breitbart.

In January, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that he was “deeply concerned” that China’s A.I. development is “not constrained by the rule of law,” while Lakshmi Raman, the CIA’s director for artificial intelligence, warned only a few weeks ago that China’s AI programs are “growing every which way,” posing threats to both the security and stability of free nations, the news source added.

“[Adversaries like China are] seeking to undermine trust in our government institutions, social cohesion and democratic processes are using AI to create more believable mis-, dis-, and malinformation campaigns,” the Department of Homeland Security said in September.

Microsoft uncovered an example of that menace the same month, which was a Chinese-controlled network of social media accounts that used AI software to “mimic U.S. voters” and generate content that was “more eye-catching than the awkward visuals used in previous campaigns by Chinese nation-state actors,” Breitbart wrote.