Charlamagne Tha God: Biden Will Lose Black, Working-Class Voters over Border Failure


(Headline USA) Radio host Charlamagne Tha God admitted last week that black and working-class voters were ditching President Joe Biden over the illegal immigration crisis, the New York Post reported.

The Democrat (real name: Lenard McKelvey) also acknowledged in an interview with Fox News that Republican governors’ strategy of shipping illegals to blue sanctuary cities was “effective” because “it made a lot of those Democrats start singing a different tune,” 

He added, “And, I mean, the voters see that. So what does that look like to the voter? Just on the surface, it looks like Republicans were right about the issue and Democrats got it wrong.”

Biden, who has “never been a good candidate,” according to Charlamagne, has only exacerbated the issue by continuing to allow hundreds of thousands of border-hopping illegals into the country every month.

“I have the privilege of doing morning radio and speaking to working-class people every single day,” Charlamagne told Fox News.

“I have the privilege of being involved in my community from New York to New Jersey to South Carolina, where I get to look people in the eyes and have real conversations with them,” he continued. “And, you know, people are really concerned about this issue.”

Charlamagne said immigration is the number one issue that listeners bring up again and again.

“I honestly have never spoken to as many people who are concerned about the migrant issue as I have over the past year,” he explained. “[Biden] is the president of the United States of America. If he can take credit for the good things that happen in this country, he has to take credit for the bad as well because those things happen on his watch.”

Until Biden starts to take action on the border, his support among key demographics will continue to fall, Charlamagne warned.

“Democrats shouldn’t just be concerned about the black vote, because when you look at the polls, he’s losing with black voters, he’s losing with Latinos, he’s losing with independents, he’s losing with the youth vote. It’s like, damn! Do y’all want to win or not? Because right now they don’t look like a winning ticket,” he said.