CDC Suggests Masking to Stay Safe from COVID over Holidays; Twitter Reacts


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In order to stay safe and slow the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared in a tweet Tuesday that Americans should consider masking up when near their relatives.

The comments came from the Biden-appointed CDC Director Mandy Cohen, who also suggested that people continue to receive the medically risky COVID vaccines and undergo frequent testing.

“Talk about ways to keep you and your family safe this holiday season,” she wrote, suggesting that people use “vaccines, masks, testing & treatment.”

Cohen also delivered comments live from Nassau Medical Center on Monday, sharing a similar message.

“There are ways to protect yourself, even this week,” she asserted.

“So, I hope you got vaccinated, and if you didn’t it’s not too late,” she added. “Make sure to get that updated COVID shot, flu shot, and, if you’re over 60, RSV shot.”

She said the COVID jab held a special place in her heart, and that she encouraged all of her family and friends to get the shot, as well as mask up.

“I wouldn’t recommend something I wouldn’t recommend for my own parents, for my own daughters,” Cohen said. “The most important reason is this virus changes. COVID has changed and flu has changed. You want the most updated protection you can get.”

Like the rest of the corporate media, Cohen has desperately continued to try to stoke fear about COVID despite the fact that most Americans are long past it.

She claimed in the interview that “nearly 1,000 people have died in New York in just the last three months, adding that the virus is “still taking peoples lives.”

Unfortunately for those involved in the CDC and its corporate partners in Big Pharma, the American people have become increasingly skeptical of masking, lockdowns, jabs and other unnecessary precautions, with only 14% of U.S. adults receiving the most recent round of vaccinations.

The current mortality rate per reported COVID cases in the U.S. is estimated to be around 1.1%

As reported by Twitchy, several Twitter users reacted skeptically following Cohen’s tweet encouraging people to vax and mask up for the holidays in the year 2023.