Candace Owens Exits Daily Wire after Sharp Criticism of Views on Judaism


(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) In a terse post Friday morning, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing announced that the popular Nashville-based media company had “ended [its] relationship” with Blexit provocateur Candace Owens.

The fiercely independent Owens was a bold choice for the company, which has sought to stay on the cutting edge in expanding conservative media to new demographics—including having recently launched its own streaming service with children’s programming.

Overall, much of its brand has embraced a sort of values-based, wholesome form of conservatism, with top talents like Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh openly expressing their deep-rooted religious convictions as the driving forces behind their views.

In recent months, Owens had publicly clashed with “editor emeritus” Shapiro—the company’s cofounder alongside Boreing.

Owens notably maintained a friendship with rapper Kanye West, who has previously been criticized over his anti-Semitic remarks, while Shapiro’s devout adherence to Judaism is well known.

Shapiro appeared to fire back at the belittling of his culture when he released a rap video recently under the artistic name “Dr. Dreidle” that briefly wound up rocketing to the top of several major industry charts, prompting rapper Nicki Minaj to congratulate him.

Mediaite blamed Owens’s “promotion of various anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” for the escalation, noting that she had recently “liked a tweet promoting the blood libel that Jews drink Christian blood as part of certain religious ceremonies” in response to one from a rabbi who had accused her of “inciting her Jew-hating followers to threaten to murder Jews.”

It was unclear, however, that Owens was endorsing the anti-Semitic trope and not the factual correction, pointing out an anachronism in the rabbi’s timeline that exonerated her from the accusation.


Occasionally the tensions between Owens and Shapiro have spilled out into the open, as when the two argued on Twitter last November following Israel’s launch of its military strike on Gaza.

Owens initially wrote that there was “no justification for a genocide.”

Shapiro went on to call her remarks “disgraceful,” leading to a tense back-and-forth exchange between the two that culminated in Shapiro suggesting a parting of ways.


Prior to joining the Daily Wire in 2021, Owens made a name for herself as the leader of the Blexit movement, which sought to raise awareness within the black community of the exploitative nature of left-wing politics and how it effectively extends the plantation culture that Democrats used to oppress blacks for much of America’s history by keeping them dependent on government subsidies and offering patronage in return for their unwavering loyalty.

She confirmed Boering’s announcement on Friday, celebrating her own newfound emancipation and teasing what lay ahead, while suggesting ways her supporters could contribute in the meantime.

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