Calif. Voters Report Ballot Mix-Ups, Are Concerned about Election Integrity


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Some of the California voters questioned the electoral process after receiving the wrong ballot leading up to the Primary Election that happened on March 5, 2024.

One of these voters, a lifelong registered Republican, said that he received a no-party preference ballot in the mail, according to the Epoch Times. He also noticed that there was an issue because he wanted to vote for Donald Trump and didn’t find his name on the ballot.

“I got my ballot in the mail, and I was going to vote early, but when I looked to where it said ‘president of the United States,’ it didn’t have anybody there,” Saul, a 48-year-old wine bottle manufacturer from Madera, said.

Eventually, after pointing out the problem, the Madera County Government Center officials re-registered him as a Republican and gave him the correct ballot.

Saul expressed his concerns for residents in rural areas without easy access to the government center by wondering how widespread the issue was.

“And if that’s happening here, it might be happening across the whole country. And if that could get mixed up so easily, what about two ballots going to the same person?” he said.

It was revealed later on by a Madera County poll worker that Saul’s case was not the only such error of the day.

“There have been multiple people who experienced this. We don’t know how or why their party affiliation was changed,” the poll worker said.

Several voters had experienced similar issues but said that it was likely because they did not choose a party when renewing their driver’s licenses or registering to vote, according to the county recorder’s office.

In addition to that, every registered voter in Mendocino County — a rural region of the state about two hours north of San Francisco — received a Republican ballot that also contained the wrong district information, no matter how they had registered to vote.

The news source reported that all voters subsequently received the correct ballot along with a bright-yellow notice that instructed them to destroy the prior ballot and informed them that voting twice is a crime.