Byron Donalds Shows Proof Joe Biden Obtained Money from Energy Company Linked to the CCP


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GOP Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida presented evidence showing that Joe Biden received money from CEFC, an energy company associated with the Chinese Communist Party.

Tony Bobulinski, a whistleblower on the Biden family’s alleged criminal activities, testified before Congress about his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business ventures.

Bobulinski, a former US Navy lieutenant and CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, revealed that he had meetings with Joe Biden to discuss Hunter’s foreign business dealings with CEFC/Chairman Ye.

“There are hundreds of data points that Joe Biden was acting in – in a capitalistic term, I would say the chairman,” Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson in an interview last year.

Bobulinski alleged that Hunter Biden engaged in fraudulent behavior by covertly channeling more than $5 million into his personal investment firm, deceiving his business associates.

It was disclosed earlier that Joe Biden accepted $40,000 in illicit Chinese funds. Byron Donalds provided evidence of these transactions on Wednesday.

“It is clear that the source of this money came from the CEFC and that CEFC is a company that is directly linked to the CCP and the chairman of the CCP.. Chairman Xi Jinping,” Byron Donalds said.


In November, House Oversight Chairman James Comer uncovered that Joe Biden had received $40,000 from Hunter Biden’s illicit Chinese funds.

The sequence of events began with a $5 million transfer from a Chinese firm to Hudson West III, a venture co-founded by Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong.

Subsequently, $400,000 was transferred to Owasco, P.C., owned by Hunter.

This led to a series of transactions ultimately resulting in Sara Biden writing a $40,000 check to Joe Biden under the guise of a “loan repayment.”


Owasco, a firm associated with Hunter Biden, received funds from CEFC, an energy company closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

Hunter collaborated with Gongwen Dong and Ye Jianming, individuals with connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

James Biden acknowledged that the money flowing into Hunter’s investment entity Owasco originated from CEFC. Subsequently, the funds from CEFC-China were transferred to James Biden, who utilized them to reimburse Joe Biden.

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