BREAKING: Satanic Pedophile Strikes Plea Deal w/ DOJ


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Richard “Rabid” Densmore, a member of the Satanic pedophile cult 764, has agreed to plea guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of a minor—a crime that carries a 15- to 30-year prison sentence.

Densmore originally faced two counts of child sexual exploitation, one count of coercion and enticement, and two counts of possessing child pornography.

His charges stem from a complaint in August 2022 that a Discord user named “Rabid” was grooming minors to create child pornography and engage in self-harm. The FBI identified Rabid as being Densmore.

According to Densmore’s plea agreement, which was filed Friday, he sent a message to “Jane Doe,” a female under the age of 18, asking for a picture of her breasts with his username, “Rabid,” written on them. He also sent someone referred to as “Person A” a form of Discord currency called Nitro, in an effort to persuade Jane Doe to send the requested image.

“On September 30, 2022, after Jane Doe expressed reservations about sending the requested image, [Densmore] sent a Discord message to another user, Person A, who had an online relationship with Jane Doe,” the plea agreement states.

“[Rabid] sent Person A [the] Nitro currency to persuade him to have Jane Doe send the requested image.”

At the convincing of Person A, Jane Doe allegedly sent Densmore a video over the internet, in which Jane Doe was nude with her vagina visible and “Rabid” written on her chest.

The plea agreement does not mention other allegations against Densmore that were included in earlier court filings. According to prosecutors, he had another girl cut his nickname, “Rabid,” on her forehead.

“A minor victim reported to investigators that she met Rabid on Discord in or around August 2022. She was 15 years old at the time and told Rabid that she was a minor. The girl knew that Rabid’s first name was ‘Richard.’ Rabid told her that he created a Discord server or chat room called ‘Sewer,’” the DOJ said in an earlier motion.

“The primary purpose of Sewer was to stream child pornography and self-harm content. Rabid told the girl to solicit people to stream content on Sewer. The girl streamed a video of herself on Sewer in which she inserted an ice cube into her vagina.”

The FBI executed a search warrant on Densmore’s home last February, finding child porn and other material related to the 764 cult.

For some reason, Densmore was a free man for another 11 months.

Then, after he was arrested on Jan. 29, a judge let him loose on bail. Densmore’s bail was revoked after the DOJ filed an emergency motion about the matter.

A date for Densmore’s sentencing has yet to be scheduled.

Densmore is one of a slew of 764 members to be arrested.

Other 764 Cases

In November 2021, the FBI arrested 764 member Angel Almeida. Details of Almeida’s 764 activities weren’t made public until records about his case were unsealed late last year.

More recently, the Justice Department filed charges in December against another 764 member, Kalana Limkin, for allegedly promoting child pornography, sexual extortion, and trafficking, animal cruelty and self-harm of minors.

Additionally, last month U.S. Marshals arrested 764 member Kyle Spitze on child porn charges. Spitze’s disturbing story can be read here.

And more recently, Canadian police announced last month the arrest of a 14-year-old male who was affiliated with 764.

According to the Justice Department and others, 764 is linked to the Order of Nine Angles, a terroristic cult that seeks to corrupt the youth with the end goal of accelerating the collapse of Western society.

The 764 cult “represents a radical shift in the group to specifically target children and use [child porn] and videos depicting animal cruelty, self-harm, and other acts of violence to accelerate chaos in society,” the DOJ said in recent court filings.

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