Border Agents Fear for Safety after Receiving Bounties, Torture Threats


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) An internal CBP memo has alerted agents to the existence of bounties and torture threats aimed at agents. 

NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley disclosed these alarming findings on Tuesday, leaving agents fearing for their safety.

“We will pay for any addresses of border patrol agents,” one message said. Another offered a chilling incentive: “$200 your way if you get me a border patrol agent’s address.”

These unsettling messages indicate a targeted effort to expose the agents to potential harm.

A second message contained a more sinister tone, offering a substantial sum: “$1k if you get me they mommas [sic] address.” Another ominous text read, “We offer $$$ for information on BP [Border Patrol] agents,” alongside what appeared to be a Mexican flag. 

“Top dollar on good info. I’ll post us torturing any bp agent u [sic] send,” one last message read.

The recipients of these messages responded with thumbs up and a fiery emoji, indicating their willingness to cooperate.

In statement to the press, CBP said they are taking the threats serious. “CBP takes all threats, including those directed towards agents and their families, very seriously. While counter-measure are law enforcement sensitive, we deploy necessary precautions accordingly,” the statement read.

As reported by Bradley, the FBI launched an investigation into these alleged threats. The agency, however, chose not to comment publicly on the matter.

“In keeping with DOJ standard practice, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation,” the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs said, before adding, “We do not have a comment.”

Data has revealed that assaults involving firearms against CBP officers are on the rise.

In August 2023, a group of Border agents faced a dangerous encounter with armed human smugglers. As they encountered these violent individuals, the smugglers opened fire on the agents.

“The backup agents also reported gunfire and witnessed muzzle flashes,” Border Patrol Agent Justin Castrejon told NBC 23 in California. “We have seen an increase in acts of violence here among the San Diego sector.”

Castrejon highlighted the escalating danger at the southern border. “These smuggling organizations are becoming more desperate,” he added. “Our message to people is do not put your lives in the hands of these human smugglers.”